Welcome to "How We Work". A little look into how we think about, and go about, our work at Fractured Atlas.

Business Model

Business Model

Fractured Atlas's business model is based on a mix of earned and contributed revenue. The model we have developed helps ensure that Fractured Atlas remains a resilient organization, squarely focused on the needs of the community.

In a Nutshell

  • Our core operations are sustained by earned revenue drawn from membership dues and program fees. This is by design. We believe that if the services we provide create real value for our members, then they will be willing to pay a reasonable amount for them. This approach also provides a built-in evaluation gauge for our work, meaning that our members will tell us — quickly and unambiguously with their buying power — whether our work is having a positive impact on their lives.

  • Seed funding for organizational growth, including new program development and the expansion of existing programs' scope, comes primarily from grants made by institutional and/or government funders.

  • Where appropriate to our mission, Fractured Atlas initiates special projects of finite duration. Because these projects may have great impact on the field but little opportunity for earned income, they are generally grant-funded.

  • When grant funding for growth or special projects is unavailable, we may elect to draw from our Strategic Opportunities Fund (a Board-designated reserve fund built and maintained by a portion of annual operating surpluses) or, if possible, finance them from operating revenue.

How We Approach Our Business Model

In addition to evaluating decisions at Fractured Atlas on their mission, strategic, or financial value and impact, we use a set of four strategic anchors as an additional lens to view decisions. These anchors include:

  • Cultivate diverse portfolio of activities and revenue streams

  • Aggregate and share knowledge and ideas

  • Lean, highly productive staff

  • Invent and leverage technology


Customer Service Pledge

Customer Service Pledge

Programs, Services, and Activities

Programs, Services, and Activities