Welcome to "How We Work". A little look into how we think about, and go about, our work at Fractured Atlas.

Programs, Services, and Activities

Programs, Services, and Activities

Four Core Programs

  • Artful.ly is an intuitive web application that allows arts groups to sell tickets, take donations, and track their fans.

  • Fiscal Sponsorship provides the means for independent artists or unincorporated groups to apply for funding and receive tax-deductible contributions. The fiscal sponsorship model often serves the long-term needs of arts groups aiming to become institutions better than the traditional path of applying for 501(c)(3) status on their own behalf.

  • Insurance is available to arts groups and individual artists to cover a variety of needs at low-cost. Annual general liability policies, Directors & Officers insurance, event liability, public art, teaching artist, workers compensation, and film equipment coverage can impose a huge burden on a shoestring budget. Fractured Atlas has contracted with A+ and A++ rated carriers to provide comprehensive coverage at rates that are highly competitive and affordable.

  • SpaceFinder addresses the need for affordable workspace for artists, improves the stewardship of cultural space resources, and provides essential data to arts and policy leaders as an online marketplace for rehearsal, exhibition, and performance spaces. SpaceFinder currently serves twelve cultural hubs across North America, from New York to the Bay Area, and the network continues to expand.

Nurturing Artist Entrepreneurs

  • Fellowship Programs: Fractured Atlas strives to nurture a new generation of art leaders and offers meaningful hands-on training through fellowships in areas relevant to the mission of the organization. As a nonprofit technology company, Fractured Atlas is acutely aware of the shortage of women and people of color in the field of software development, and launched a Software Developer Fellowship Program in 2013. In the fall of 2014, Fractured Atlas created the Robert W. Deutsch Fellowship in Arts & Technology Policy to facilitate awareness and community engagement on federal policy at the intersection of the arts and communication.

  • Professional Development: Fractured Atlas’s website contains a robust library of professional development blogs and resources. In June 2015 Fractured Atlas launched a new Knowledge Base that underlies all its web-based programs. The new platform aggregates educational content throughout the website, making it more searchable.

  • Artist Visa Letters: For international artists needing an O or P visa to work in the United States, Fractured Atlas provides letters of consultation/no objection that vouch for their artistic excellence.

Strengthening the Cultural Sector

  • Transparency and Learning Initiatives: Fractured Atlas has long recognized the virtues of making smart decisions quickly, and seeks to share practices of effective management and strategy as widely as possible both within the organization and across the broader arts field. Fractured Atlas aggregates and shares knowledge, best practices, and insights with the rest of the field through frequent workshops, speaking engagements, conference programming, blog posts, and facilitating exchange among arts researchers.

  • Advisory Services: From time to time, Fractured Atlas offers direct consultation to cultural sector leaders seeking to maximize their impact. Taking advantage of in-house expertise in technology, strategy, and research, Fractured Atlas has worked with organizations ranging from major international foundations and government agencies to discipline-specific professional associations and producing and presenting organizations. Projects have included designing evidence-based strategies for impactful grantmaking, custom web development to activate shared interest communities around the use of cultural space, and creating a performance assessment plan for a significant West Coast museum.

  • Community Engagement: Staff members travel regularly to local communities in a variety of regions to connect with artist members, share knowledge, and participate in conferences and convenings. Through Fractured Atlas's cultural partner organizations known as the Open Arts Network (OAN), we serve over 500,000 artists across the country.

Business Model

Business Model

R&D Pipeline

R&D Pipeline